KVK Patan
KVK Patan
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Welcome To Krishi Vigyan Kendra , Patan

The KVK scheme is 100% financed by Govt. of India and the KVKs are sanctioned to Agricultural Universities, ICAR institutes, related Government Departments and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) working in Agriculture.

KVK, is an integral part of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS), aims at assessment of location-specific technology modules in agriculture and allied enterprises, through technology assessment, refinement, and demonstrations. KVKs have been functioning as Knowledge and Resource Centre of agricultural technology supporting initiatives of the public, private and voluntary sector for improving the agricultural economy of the district and are linking the NARS with extension system and farmers.

Mandate & Activities

The Mandate of KVK technology Assessment and Demonstration for its Application and Capacity Development. To implement the mandate effectively, the following activities are envisaged for each KVK.

  • On-farm testing to assess the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming systems.
  • Frontline demonstrations to establish production potential of technologies on the farmers’ fields.
  • Capacity development of farmers and extension personnel to update their knowledge and skills on modern agricultural technologies.
  • To work as Knowledge and Resource Centre of agricultural technologies for supporting initiatives of the public, private and voluntary sector in improving the agricultural economy of the district.
  • Provide farm advisories using ICT and other media means on varied subjects of interest to farmers.

District Profile : -

The Patan district falls under north Gujarat agro-climate Zone and North-west Gujarat Agro-climatic Zone and one of the major Archeological cities of Gujarat. It is famous for patola sarees. It is flanked by the north and north-west borders there is Banaskantha district and in the south and south-west there is some part of Surendranagar district and in the west, there is the border of Kutch district. Besides this there is Mehsana district situated in the east part of Patan, Vanraj chavda founded the Patan town in 745 AD. He was the prominent king of the Chavda Kingdom. He named the city “Anhilpur Patan or Anhilwad Patan” after his close friend Abil shepherd. Patan is a quaint old town with Jain temples and carved wooden houses. Ranakivav (step well) and Sahastraling lake are prime attractions.

Objectives of KVKs

Inventorying and characterizing agricultural resources of the district with special reference to identifying the technological gap and training needs of the farming community.

Compiling all relevant recommendations/package of practices for their meaningful utilization in the training courses and the follow-up extension programmes.

Planning and conducting need-based production oriented short and long duration training courses for various target groups.

Meet the Scientists

Dr. Upesh Kumar

Senior  Scientist & Head

Mr G. A. Patel

SMS, Plant Protection

Mr H. P. Patel

SMS, Agriculture Extenstion

Smt H.B. Patel

SMS, Home Science

Mr. S. S. Darji

SMS, Horticulture

Mr. R. P. Cahudhari

SMS, Agronomy